Maintain your home: It's all about Curb Appeal

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

The way people maintain the outsides of their home impacts an entire neighborhood from home value to criminal activity (out of control shrubs and trees shield intruders). In real estate, a first impression can make or break a home sale.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 63 percent of home buyers will drop by after viewing a home they like online. They may or may not schedule a viewing based on the curb appeal factor. What will potential busyers see when they drive by your property?

Top 10 tips to boost your properties curb appeal

  • Curb appeal starts with your online impression. Fabulous photos are critical to getting a prospective home buyer to take a second look. Take a digital shot of your home and really see all the flaws. Get rid of bikes and clutter from the yard. Sweep off the porch. Remove and straighten anything that doesn't show your home at its best.

  • Act like a buyer. Walk around the entire home's exterior with a critical eye and a notepad. Take notes about what needs to be cleaned, repaired, painted or replaced. Get in your car and drive by from both directions during the day and night.

  • Look Upwards. Most homeowners don't give their roof a thought unless it leaks, but the roof is the most important curb appeal that buyers notice. Is your roof missing shingles, dirty or streaked?

  • House Numbers. If your house numbers are not easy to see, or if they are dirty and dingy, replacing them makes sense. House numbers should reflect the style of your home.

  • Get a second opinion. A homeowner may be used to seeing the chipped paint on the door, cobwebs on the porch ceiling, cracked or stained steps or driveway. Get an impartial friend to help you with a critical eye.

  • Pressure washing the deck, driveways, sidewalks and even the facade of your home can go a long way to improving its curb appeal.

  • Add some color to your landscapes! Spruce up porch containers and the front beds with flowers, colorful landscaping and fresh mulch.

  • Let the sun in. Homes that show off the natural light sell faster, and open curtains look prettier and more inviting from the street.

  • Light up the landscaping. Use solar and low lighting to line pathways and highlight your home. Landscape lighting can be affordable and is an excellent deterrent for would be vandals and buglers.

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