We take care your property as an owner. 

Top Reasons to Hire Dana Realty Group?

  1. Market Access.  Realtors have access to advance knowledge of properties coming onto the market in our area.  We will watch for properties that fit with your long-term plans and alert you when these become available for sale. 

  2. Rental Security. Being a landlord can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming.  A property manager takes on the responsibility of showing your property, running background and credit checks, and collecting rents on a regular basis.  Our agents review your property periodically to make sure it is in good repair. 

  3. Landlord Services. Our office has a full complement of repair services and bonded, licensed and insured professionals to update and maintain your property.  Renters can contact us for repairs and update issues. 

  4. Better Returns. Ultimately, working with Dana Realty Group guarantees better returns on your long-term investment. 

  5. Lease Management.  We will do an annual review and rental update to make sure your monthly rent charge is in agreement with the area rates.